Dante Bertoni: Pioneers of vulcanized fiber

Fox: Symbol of cleverness and agility

The fox is a clever animal and very suitable to represent an extraordinary material such as vulcanized fiber, which Dante Bertoni has been marketing for a long time, aware of its exceptional characteristics. A sustainable and ecological material that, in the past, before the advent of plastic, was also used for making spinning cans and trolleys.

WorkingING in ITALY
Vulcanized fiber

A ductile and safe material

Dante Bertoni is one of the major distributors of vulcanized fiber in Italy. It is a strong and lightweight material with versatile and extraordinary qualities, derived from pure, high-quality cotton cellulose (not wood pulp) processed (vulcanized) with zinc chloride (residue < 6 ppm), with extremely interesting mechanical characteristics, antistatic by definition, diamagnetic, insulating, according to DIN 7737 standards (Japan JIS C2315). Vulcanized fiber can be formed, punched, and worked.

Characteristics of vulcanized fiber

Non-toxic and inert, vulcanized fiber is free of hazardous emissions, even if burned or inhaled (dust), being 100% cotton, thus completely ecological and environmentally friendly in waste disposal. Suitable for various fields and applications, Vulcanized Fiber is used as an insulator for electric motor gaps, for mechanical and insulating supports, mechanical washers and sleeves, self-lubricating sliding guides, silent gears and for explosive or flammable environments, special gaskets also for steam, pads for jacquard harnesses on fabrics, knives, etc. Very resistant to strong friction, becoming shiny due to friction, Vulcanized Fiber allows easy sliding of parts in friction. Workable like metal, it is suitable for cutting, punching, drilling, milling, and steam ironing. Very dimensionally stable, vulcanized fiber does not adhere to oil, grease, and acids, being a hygroscopic material, therefore deformable in water.

Superior to other materials


lower specific weight in relation to weight, twice the tensile strength of cast iron. Better vibration damping better thermal insulation no conductivity greater resistance to chemical aggressors.


does not splinter greater hardness and elasticity easy formability


does not age greater resistance to chemical ingredients. higher temperature resistance does not soften when heated greater hardness


greater resistance to scratches unalterability to oils and fats greater hardness

Synthetic resins

greater heat resistance and non-deformability qualitative characteristics are not influenced by temperature

imperishable and does not age:
not attacked by rust, molds, insects, mice, etc.

The most frequently asked questions

Available colors are black, red, gray and white. The product is supplied in rolls or slabs, upon customer request

The minimum thickness is 0.25 mm, the maximum thickness 10.0 mm

The minimum quantity is 250 kg. For smaller quantities, a surcharge is applied for the equipment of the machines

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