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Kangaroo: Symbol of Protection and Innovation

Have you ever seen a kangaroo jump backwards? It’s not possible. That’s why we chose the kangaroo as the symbol of our trolley and box roller section, because besides being an obvious emblem of protection for your precious cargo, thanks to its pouch, it is also a symbol of perseverance and tenacity directed towards the future. The kangaroo is the metaphor of a project-oriented mindset that always looks ahead, innovating and offering new solutions to its valuable customers.

Our products
Light, flexible, resistant

Wide range of customizable trolleys

In addition to the offer dedicated to the textile sector, Dante Bertoni produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of trolleys, box rollers and roll containers destined for various sectors, such as industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.


Trolley bodies are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) virgin pellet, which is flexible, lightweight and resistant. They can be supplied also with perforated body for wet towels and sheets.

The aluminum profiles reinforce the overall structure of the cart and can be protected with colored PVC bumpers.

The castors come in different sizes (from 80 mm up to 150 mm diameter) and can be positioned upon request.
The carts can be equipped with a mobile base that allows for lifting of the contents while keeping the base level, regardless of where the weight is positioned.

Box Roller

The Dante Bertoni Box Roller is a lightweight and maneuverable solution for transporting towels and linen in an orderly and secure manner in laundries and hotels.
Box Rollers can be customized to meet users’ needs, and various accessories, such as handles, are available upon request.

Dante Bertoni’s Closets are made of HDPE, and the aluminum profiles reinforce the overall structure.

The body, is available in various colors and it is lightweight and resistant.

Where our carts and cabinets are most in demand

Components of our products


The bumpers are made of extruded PVC and absorb the shocks that the cart normally experiences when being handled. They can also be used to distinguish between different cart contents or their department of use


Castors come with fixed, swivel, or swivel brake supports and are made of galvanized steel or AISI 304 stainless steel. They strike the right balance between maneuverability and wear resistance and are suitable for professional use in various industrial environments for indoor transport of material by means of trolleys.


  • Folding handle made of high-density virgin polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Recessed handles, applied upon request

Pantograph (mobile base)

This is an independent device with a pantograph that allows for lifting of the contents while keeping the base level, regardless of where the weight is positioned.


The cover is made of virgin HDPE and reinforced with aluminum profiles to protect the contents of the cart from external damage and dust. The recessed handle makes it very easy and safe to open the cover, which is lightweight and durable.

The most frequently asked questions

The load capacity of the springs varies according to the customer’s needs and the type of material that needs to be transported inside the containers. The most commonly used springs are those with 30kg and 60kg capacities, especially in industrial laundries. All Dante Bertoni trolleys equipped with a pantograph offer the possibility to replace the spring if necessary. To learn about the replacement procedures and request spare parts, please contact us at
Upon request of the customer, the trolleys can be shipped unassembled: in this case, the container is delivered in separate parts, easy to assemble at destination: base, HDPE body, rim, and castors. Assembly is quick and easy, and rivets are included.

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