Since 1923

Quality. Resistance. Reliability.
Made in Italy

Dante Bertoni, leader in the internal material handling sector

With 100 years of history, Dante Bertoni is recognized internationally as one of the most important manufacturers in the internal material handling sector and a leader in the production of Cans for the textile industry. Our customers, present in over 50 countries, recognize and appreciate the high quality, durability, and reliability of Dante Bertoni branded products.
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Dante Bertoni is certified

This certification is valid for the production of HDPE and vulcanized fiber containers, suitable for transferring metallic materials, textiles, garments and linen, and for the production of vulcanized fiber tapes through precision cutting from bobbins and sheets

Dante Bertoni is innovative

Dante Bertoni, a successful player in the materials handling market for over 100 years, is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world of containers for the textile industry. Always focused to the developments of the global market, the company has been able to meet the needs of its customers and diversify its product offerings. In recent years, it has added a wide range of carts and box rollers for various sectors to its traditional production of spinning cans, achieving increasing success and customer satisfaction.

Dante Bertoni is international

Dante Bertoni rely on the high quality of its products, entirely made in Italy, and on the commercial skills of its commercial team, which has enabled the company to distribute DB products stably in over 50 countries and five continents. In the world, the Dante Bertoni brand is synonymous with reliability and long-lasting product performance. Dante Bertoni’s trolleys are designed to be shipped disassembled and assembled on site with extreme ease. This simplification of logistics has also favored the spread of DB products on the international market.

Dante Bertoni is quality that lasts over time

The features that distinguish us

Extreme product resistance

The company's products are extremely durable, thanks to the aluminum profiles and virgin HDPE (high-density polyethylene) body of the trolley, which is flexible and non-deformable, lightweight, scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

Limited Maintenance

The limited maintenance required is made possible by the high quality of the materials used and the production process

Logistical advantage

Our products can be delivered disassembled and can be easily and quickly assembled, reducing transportation costs

Efficient Customer Service

Dante Bertoni also offers efficient customer service that provides prompt support and assistance to customers in case of any needs