Dante Bertoni, our castors for high-performance products

Castors "VLK Blue Line DANTBERT" - Nylon-Polyurethan

Supplied on request with fixed, swivel or swivel with bracket supports. Galvanized steel base, available also in version with AISI 304 stainless steel support. A right compromise between hardness and wear resistance, suitable for professional use in various industrial environments for the internal handling of materials through trolleys, containers, platforms, etc.

Dimensions: dia. mm Ø80x110h; dia. mm Ø100×130; dia. mm Ø125x158h; dia. mm Ø150x181h

Castors covered with gray rubber

Castors are supplied with the following supports: fix, swivel and swivel with brake.

This type of wheels is used in the structures where noise and tracking of the floor are to be avoided (es: hospital, retirement homes, office, etc). Their particular composition makes these wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Dimensions: dia. mm Ø100×130; dia. mm Ø125x158h; dia. mm Ø150x181h

Castors "Everclean©"

Dante Bertoni’s castors Everclean©are patented, made of special aluminium to ensure resistance and with a nylon wheel to guarantee movement fluency. They do not pick up yarn from the floor while moving and they are maintenance-free.

Dimensions: dia. mm Ø60x90h; dia. mm Ø66×100; dia. mm Ø85x120h

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