Dante Bertoni is one of the most important producers of containers for the textile industry, spinning and finishing

Elephant: Symbol of Solidity and Robustness

The elephant is an impressive animal; solid and patient, it moves with measured steps and its “memory” is proverbial, as is its longevity. We cannot think of an animal that better represents our longest-lasting product and its history. Dante Bertoni’s Cans are as solid as an elephant and as durable as its memory.

Expert manufacturers of
Durable and resistant cans

Unmatched containers and Cans

Cans for spinning, spools, creels and bobbins, transponders, flyers and many other products for the textile industry see the production primacy of DB. The quality and durability of the company’s products catalog has allowed it to conquer and consolidate an important market share.
The body of the containers is made of virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a formula that ensures strength and prevents plastic breakage over time.
The metal components are made of zinc-coated steel, in order to offer high resistance to rust and scratches
Everclean© castors are patented, made of special aluminum to guarantee strength and with a nylon coating to ensure smoothness
The springs have a patented technology that allows for a linear response and avoids any potential damage to the contents
The plates represent the ideal solution for processing the finest materials, as well as for the latest models of high-speed coilers

The most frequently asked questions

Upon customer request, Can and containers can be shipped assembled or disassembled. In the latter case, assembly by the customer is quick and easy and rivets are provided.
The minimum diameter is 225 mm, and the maximum diameter is 1600 mm.
Yes, it is possible to order spare parts for all components of the purchased vases: HDPE body, castors, straps, rivets, etc.

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