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The company

Dante Bertoni was born in the early 1920s under the banner of innovation and the intuitions of its founder.

100 years of history

Streamlining industrial production

Our history began in the early 1920s with the production of roller skates and bike racks, and later moved on to the manufacture of containers and carts for internal handling within companies, especially textile ones, which were numerous in Italy at that time, between Piemonte and Lombardia. Some of the trasponders produced for textile industry were also suitable for laundries, hence the idea of diversifying its offer. Dante Bertoni wanted to “streamline” industrial production, optimizing it and improving internal transport, and for this reason began producing vulcanized fiber containers, which were resistant and durable, useful in reducing time and costs.
“The only sustainable competitive advantage for a company is its ability to learn and change faster than its competitors.”

Philip Kotler

Evolving with the market

When textile industries left Italy initially in the 1970s, accelerating in 80s and 90s, Dante Bertoni managed to maintain and expand its market by choosing to use plastic, which made subsequent assembly and transportation easier anywhere in the world.

Dante Bertoni is certified

This certification is valid for the production of HDPE and vulcanized fiber containers, suitable for transferring metallic materials, textiles, garments and linen, and for the production of vulcanized fiber tapes through precision cutting from bobbins and sheets

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